Activity Definition And Sequencing Word Management project Template

Activity Definition And Sequencing Word Management project Template

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Activity Definition And Sequencing Word Management project Template


The Activity Sequencing Worksheet is a tool to organize WBS elements by defining activities, tasks and sub-tasks, the sequence in which they must be performed, and estimating their duration.  This information is used to build the Project Schedule.


General Information – Basic information that identifies the project.


Project Title – The proper name used to identify this project.

Project Working Title – The working name or acronym used to identify the project.  If an

acronym is used, define the specific meaning of each letter.

Proponent Secretary – The Secretary to whom the proponent agency is assigned or the

Secretary that is sponsoring a particular enterprise project.

Proponent Agency – The agency that will be responsible for the management of the


Prepared by – The person(s) preparing this document.


Date/Control Number – The date the plan is finalized and the change or configuration item control number assigned.


Complete the columns in the table as described below.

Element Number – List the element numbers assigned in the WBS.

WBS Elements, Activity, Task, or Sub-Task – Identify the task for the Element Number in the first column by listing the WBS Element, Activity, Task or Sub-Task as defined in the WBS worksheet.  Indent Subordinate elements in the WBS element column.  For example indent all tasks for an Activity and then indent the Sub-Task for the Task.

Definition of Activity, Task, or Sub-Task (Description) – Refine or revise the WBS definition of the Activity or Task listed in the previous column.

Estimated Duration – Estimate the length of time required to perform the WBS Element given the resources identified in the Resource Plan.  Duration is the total period of time that it will take to perform the activity or task.

Task Predecessor Element Number – Provide the WBS Element Number(s) for WBS Element that must be completed before the WBS Element can start.



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