Agile Excellence For Product Managers Free PDF

Agile Excellence For Product Managers Free PDF

November 11, 2021 0 By admin

Agile Excellence For Product Managers Free PDF


As product managers, our jobs can be very hectic. There are always too many things to do, multiple competing
priorities, and a wide variety of constituents that want our attention and time. Making sure that everything for our
products is in place so that the products succeed and customers are happy can be a daunting job.


While juggling all of these responsibilities, we also have to determine what the right requirements and priorities are
to guide our development teams. This means spending quality time with customers, tracking the competition,
monitoring trends, and gathering information from our sales, support, operations, and other departments.

With all of this responsibility, it seems a little intimidating to have to learn a new way of working with our teams. Yet
of all of the changes and improvements that have occurred in the product management profession over the years, perhaps none have had as much of an impact as Agile development methodologies.


As Agile development is being rapidly adopted (and, in many cases, mandated) by engineering, we have to adapt our profession to it. And we need to learn new skills to be successful.

The good news is that Agile can make product management a more rewarding job. It can help you get valuable new features to customers in a rapid manner. It can help air issues with your team and get them quickly resolved. It can make your teams more accountable. And it can help you increase your focus on building great products that your customers love.


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