The Common Pairs of Easily Confused Terms in PMP

The Common Pairs of Easily Confused Terms in PMP

July 24, 2021 0 By admin

The Common Pairs of Easily Confused Terms in PMP®


The fact that there are lots of terms with a special meaning in the context of the PMBOK® Guide/project management) only makes it harder.

Even if you are a seasoned project manager, the terms found in the PMBOK® Guide may be Greek to you if you have never run projects based on the PMBOK® Guide framework.

By understanding the differences and similarities between these pairs of terms, Aspirants will have a better grasp of the knowledge of the PMBOK® Guide and project management:

  • Run Chart vs Control Chart
  • ROM vs Definitive Estimates
  • Analogous Estimating vs Parametric Estimating
  • Project Risk Management: Avoid vs Mitigate
  • Project Risk Management: Enhance vs Exploit
  • Contingency Plan vs Fallback Plan
  • Nominal Group Technique vs Brainstorming
  • EEF vs OPA
  • Project vs Operation
  • Push vs Pull Communication
  • Qualitative vs Quantitative Analysis
  • Develop vs Manage Project Team
  • Change Control vs Configuration Control
  • Project Expeditor vs Project Coordinator
  • Project Requirements vs Project Scope
  • Project Statement of Work vs Project Charter
  • Project Statement of Work vs Business Case
  • Create WBS vs Decomposition
  • RACI: Responsible vs Accountable
  • RACI vs RAM
  • Project Calendar vs Resource Calendar
  • Resource Leveling vs Resource Smoothing
  • Functional vs Projectized vs Matrix Organizations
  • Project Life Cycle vs Product Life Cycle
  • Discrete Effort vs Apportioned Effort vs Level of Effort
  • Project Team vs Project Management Team
  • Contract Types
  • Project Quality vs Product Quality
  • Free Float vs Total Float
  • Fallback vs Workaround
  • Cost Baseline vs Budget
  • Control Limit vs Specification Limit
  • Crashing vs Fast Tracking
  • Common Cause vs Special Cause
  • Residual Risk vs Secondary Risk
  • Project Scope vs Product Scope
  • Cost of Conformance vs Cost of Non-conformance
  • Work Package vs Activity
  • Critical Path Method vs Critical Chain Method
  • Contingency Reserve vs Management Reserve
  • Quality Control vs Quality Assurance
  • Assumptions vs Constraints vs Requirements
  • Corrective vs Preventive Actions
  • Statement of Work (SOW) vs Project Scope Statement
  • Quality vs Grade
  • Accuracy vs Precision
  • Accepted Deliverable vs Verified Deliverable